Sathyam News Live

Sathiyam Television is a part of Sathiyam Media Vision Private Limited, Chennai. Started with a desire to provide a viable environment for the ‘Fourth Pillar of the Society’, Sathiyam Media Vision strives to empower all its employees with complete independence in their responsibilities so that the news they collect is broadcast with complete honesty and transparency.

We as a company have passion to reach out to the Tamil speaking population world over with the honest and responsible presentation of news and current affairs that reflects the true spirit of journalism and reported with authenticity, clarity and definitive conviction. We believe that a decision made by individuals in the society who have access to information that is truthful and unbiased has the potential to impact and change the society at large. All the broadcasts of Sathiyam Television will express news in a manner that is true, integral, understandable and devoid of sensationalism or slander of any kind. All broadcasts of Sathiyam Television have a singular focus of arming the viewer with the truth that would empower them to make a decision by themselves. This change we believe in turn will prepare our Nation to face the reality of truth and motivate its citizens to operate based on their individual decision.

Our Motto

“Yes as Yes and No as NO” - There is always a quest by the human mind to know that is the truth – past, present and future. Sathiyam Television’s motto is to establish the media standard of speaking the whole truth and nothing but the truth and leaving the decision to the people.

Our Vision

“To empower the Tamil speaking community world over with truth, through unbiased news thereby giving them the power to take decisions that will change the society, cities, states, political territories and nations”

Our Mission

To telecast the latest news and events to the Tamil speaking community on par with International standards.

To ensure that latest technology and professionals will be employed to achieve set standards

To practice ethical principles and benchmark our excellence, always.